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AboutĀ UK Ghost Hunts

UK Ghost Hunts (UKGH) are a paranormal events group that work hard in bringing you the best-haunted locations around the United Kingdom, with many years of paranormal investigations and ghost hunting experience, with your help UKGH can work together to gather evidence of the paranormal.

UKGH use some of the top paranormal equipment available to give them a better chance to experience the paranormal and our ghost hunting events.

UKGH do not stage anything and nothing is fake, they can not guarantee any activity at their events so if activity happens the chances of it being paranormal is very high.

UK Ghost Hunts strive to offer you the best locations and the great prices and aim to give you a great night with no drama, nothing staged just good old fashioned ghost hunting.

They use a wide range of equipment, traditional as well as modern. They give their guests the chance to use all the equipment from Ouija boards, Spirit Radio, EVP, K2, SLS Camera and more.

Join UKGH as they discover the paranormal around the United Kingdom, have a night out with a difference.

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