North Cotes Butts Shooting School

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Learn to shoot in no time with our friendly team who will show you how!

Over the years the site has gone from strength to strength. We currently have a 25 metre range, 40 metre range and 100 metre tube range (the Tunnel).  We are also in the process of building a western range with many more plans in the pipeline...

In addition to this we offer clay Pigeon shooting on a daily basis.


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You may have only recently discovered our club but the site itself has a colourful history.

Back in 1912, it started as a base for the Royal Flying Corp which later became the Royal Air Force.

Our site was renowned for Bristol Beau Fighters during the World War II.  Later it became a Bloodhound missile base for surface to air missiles until it closed in 1990 approx.

We have in fact the last range warden as a member of the club who would be more than happy to share his memories with you.

The site was closed 1990/1991 and eventually sold off in parts. Which is where our club originated from.

Do you have a project that you wish to discuss? No matter how big or how small. Call us on 01472 358783.

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