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More than £1,700,000 of business passed in the last 12 months!


Each week BNI Grimsby listen out for the business their fellow members are looking for. Sometimes they might want to meet a specific person, but just don't know them.

This is where the power of networking really kicks in, each person at the meeting knows lots of other people, who in turn know even more people.

Tap into that and everything changes!

BNI Grimsby


BNI Grimsby


BNI Grimsby get to know each other so they can all get more or better business. One focus, helping local businesses succeed. Strong SME's are critical both localy and nationally.


They help each other to get the best out of the group by mutual support, training and referrals. The old saying it's not what you know, it's who you know is so true.


More than £1,700,000 of business passed in the last 12 months! BNI Grimsby monitor their progress, and help each member to improve, working together to be the best they all can.


BNI Grimsby adapt and change, watching for new ways to work, they're planning for the future. They're always looking to grow our referal network with the right quality businesses.

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