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Gone are the days of visiting your accountant once a year just to complete a historical set of accounts. The role has changed, and we’ve fully embraced it.

When working with A G Smith & Co, you can expect a personalised, all-year-round service from our team, who have expertise in a range of business sectors and sizes. We specialise in accountancy, taxation, payroll and bookkeeping, but our wealth of experience and range of professional contacts means we can help your business thrive in all areas, not just numbers.

And those historical sets of accounts? Gone. We aim to turn your year-end accounts round as quickly as possible, to provide your business with more meaningful figures to plan your future. Also, with massive changes to software in the accounting world, we can provide a real-time accounting solution so you can see where your business stands when we assist you with your VAT and bookkeeping obligations.

We provide an ever-increasing range of accounting services and solutions, but we never forget our roots. Our team of local people are proud to support local Lincolnshire businesses, and we always make the effort to come out to where you operate and understand what it is you do. Every business is different, and our growing network of clients and business partners means that we can always provide useful advice, no matter the question.

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